Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wings of Glass by Gina Holmes

From the publisher: "From the best-selling author of Crossing Oceans comes a heartrending yet uplifting story of friendship and redemption. On the cusp of adulthood, eighteen-year-old Penny Carson is swept off her feet by a handsome farmhand with a confident swagger. Though Trent Taylor seems like Prince Charming and offers an escape from her one-stop-sign town, Penny's happily-ever-after lasts no longer than their breakneck courtship. Before the ink even dries on their marriage certificate, he hits her for the first time. It isn't the last, yet the bruises that can't be seen are the most painful of all.

When Trent is injured in a welding accident and his paycheck stops, he has no choice but to finally allow Penny to take a job cleaning houses. Here she meets two women from very different worlds who will teach her to live and laugh again, and lend her their backbones just long enough for her to find her own."


This book amazed me.  Gina Holmes took a very hard subject and made it into something sweetly painful and beautiful.  What makes me say that is that the book is written from Penny's point of view to her son, because she says that one day the son will ask about his father.  This point of view goes through the whole book.  Which means that there are not things disgusting or detailed in the description of the abuse or otherwise.  Reading the book from Penny's point of view to her son made the book that much more touching to read.

Gina Holmes has done a great job with creating the feelings of not only Penny but her friends that the reader can relate to.  If you have never been abused then it is easy to see from the point of view of the friends.  If you have suffered abuse then you can sympathize with Penny as she struggles through her decisions.  

While the book deals with heavy issues, there are places to laugh and relax and so the book is not a book that you feel pulled into a dark place.  Rather, in the way Gina Holmes has written it, you feel the pull of light from God through the whole book.  Especially as Penny talks to her son and you see that she is safe and in a better place.

I also really appreciated that while Gina Holmes brought up different verses from the Bible dealing with divorce and remarriage, she did not make it a platform to state her point of view.  

I would highly recommend this book to others.  

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