Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spiritual Warfare for Women: Winning the Battle for Your Home, Family, and Friends

Spiritual Warfare for Women  -              By: Leighann McCoy

Spiritual Warfare for Women: Winning the Battle for Your Home, Family, and Friends

by Leighann McCoy

This book came to me at a time where I was just swamped with life and had to put it on the shelf to review later. Then, some things happened that knocked me spiritually off my feet. I was groping for help. I remembered this book. So I picked it up and decided to fight.
What a blessing this book was. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with an attack in their lives. It could be an attack to their personal lives, their church, family, friends, etc. This book grounds the reader in God’s love and promise for their lives and then helps the reader know how to fight their battles.
As women we might feel helpless and weak, but through McCoy’s transparency in her own life, she enables others to fight in Christ’s strength. None of the things she shares in this book are done in our own strength, but in reliance on Jesus’.
A part that I particularly found powerful was the sections at the end of each chapter. This is where you took what McCoy had been saying and applied it to you own life, in prayer, journaling, and memorizing of God’s Word. This takes the book to a deeper level. It is one thing to read a chapter but to apply it to your life and have the deeper connection really sets this book apart.
I was incredibly strengthened and blessed by this book and I know others will be as well.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes by the publisher. The review written was my opinion and I was not required to write positive review.