Monday, June 17, 2013

Pray the Scriptures: A 40-day Prayer Experience by Kevin Johnson

From the publisher: 
Bestselling Author and Pastor Shows Christians How to Pray the Scriptures

Pray the Scriptures is a 40-day prayer experience for readers hoping to energize their prayer life and draw closer to God through his very word. Using familiar passages of Scripture, the author guides the reader in the process of selecting and praying back to God the words of the text as they apply to the reader's life and circumstances. "Prayer starter" phrases jump-start the participant's practice of writing and speaking Scripture prayers.

Each day's entry includes an introductory devotional, a Scripture text, and concluding thoughts and questions for reflection, discussion, and further prayer.


This is a 40 day devotional study that could be used individually or even in a small group.  Each day is one Bible passage that draws the reader to really explore that passage instead of just reading it and  moving on.

It seems that part of "praying" the scriptures is to really talk to God about what the scriptures mean, and what it means to each person.  The reader can use these are their only devotional time, or they could use it as a starting point for their own journal time with God.  After going through the 40 days of praying scripture, I believe the reader will have a basic idea of how to do this on their own, with a different Bible passage if they wanted to.  And that I believe is one of the best things about this book.  It is not just a book that you read, journal, and put down--rather it can be a book that can help someone see each Bible passage as a way to pray to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

While most of the scripture passages are in the New Testament, there are about 1/4 that are from the Old Testament.  I wish there were more Old Testament passages, but that is just a person preference.  

Both experienced and novice Bible students could enjoy and benefit from this book.

I received this book free from Bethany Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  

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