Sunday, June 23, 2013

Road Trip to Redemption by Brad Mathias

From the publisher: Brad Mathias thought everything in his family was fine. A busy, contented dad, he had vaguely noticed that Bethany, his middle child, had become withdrawn and moody, but he assumed it was part of being a “teen” and didn’t look any deeper. Until the night God spoke clearly to Brad and his wife: Ask her to reveal what she has hidden. They did—and learned the secret Bethany had been carrying, one that rocked their family to the core. In a desperate attempt to reach their daughter and to reconnect as a family, Brad and his wife piled everyone into the car and embarked on a wild, crazy, seven-thousand-mile, what-are-we-thinking trip across the country. As they drove, they realized how far apart they’d drifted, found unexpected blessings along the way—and journeyed together from pain and loss to recovery and redemption. In this book, Brad shares stories from the road about God’s grace, gives practical tips on what he learned about reconnecting as a family, invites you to consider your own epic journey as a mother or father, and calls you to trust wholeheartedly in the amazing love God has for your kids.


The first section of this book the author sets the stage to why the family took the road trip.  In this section Brad Mathias is very candid with his own personal mistakes and how it affected his family.  He does not shy away from his role to play but instead lays it out and then show the reader how God turned him around and taught him to rely on his Savior.

The second section is where the story of the road trip happens.  Not every day is detailed and written about but Mathias highlights important parts of their trip.  Included are small journal entries from the children and his wife, Paige.  There is also a longer section written by each of them, which I thought was really nice because it helped you see from their point of view.

I enjoyed seeing how God worked in this family's life and there were many ideas and truths that Mathias brought up.  He doesn't say that everyone should do things exactly as he did or go on a road trip--but he does encourage the reader to be in the Word of God and really listen for God's direction for your own family.  

If someone did want to go on a road trip the book does provide some resources on that.  

On a personal note: My family took many road trips when I was a child and it was a wonderful experience and I have very fond memories of it.  I do believe it bonded us as a family.

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