Sunday, January 24, 2016

Asian Dumplings by Andrea Nguyen

From the publisher:

Is there anything more satisfying than a well-made Asian dumpling? 

Plump pot stickers, spicy samosas, and tender bāo (stuffed buns) are enjoyed by the million every day in dim sum restaurants, streetside stands, and private homes worldwide. Wrapped, rolled, or filled; steamed, fried, or baked–Asian dumplings are also surprisingly easy to prepare, as Andrea Nguyen demonstrates in Asian Dumplings

Nguyen is a celebrated food writer and teacher with a unique ability to interpret authentic Asian cooking styles for a Western audience.

This is an incredible book that is filled--more than 75 recipes--with Asian dumplings.  There is such a variety here that you are bound to find something you enjoy.  While most of the recipes are meat-a vegetarian could substitute the meat with meat alternatives. 

In the beginning Andrea Nguyen share what to have in your pantry so you can be prepared to make Asian dumplings.  This is great so that the cook can have these stock pilled.  

The book not only has beautiful pictures of finished dumplings but it also has black and white instructions with how to fold each new kind of dumpling.  This is greatly helpful when you don't know how to fold the dumpling.

There are sweet and savory recipes here, and honestly one of my favorite sections is where the recipes for the sauces are listed.  The sauces can make a big difference in how things taste in the end, and there is a whole section for this.

But my favorite part of this book was where the author gave short cuts for busy parents.  I can totally relate to this because as a busy mom I don't have time for all these details but by having this note in the book I can feel able to do these recipes.

I received this book free from Blogging for Book in exchange for my honest review.

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