Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Summer Road Trip and a Book

This summer I went on a mini-road trip from Portland, Oregon to Victoria, B.C.  That trip was about family.  We flew to Portland, OR for a family reunion and then we were driving to Victoria, B.C. to surprise my great-grandmother with her great-great grandson.  The passengers in the car were my husband, myself, our son, and my mother.  So you can see--the whole trip was all about family.

I read this YA book recently.

This book--even though it might not seem like it at first glance. This book is not only about a boy who loves a girl and is going to her.

It is about Becca's family's love and commitment to each other that drawn Riley in.

It is about Riley's dad who is desperate to get to Riley and make a connection that matters.

It is about Riley's journey to get to his father, who he pretends doesn't matter, but does.

There are many levels in this book and as I drove along Interstate 5 up through Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver I felt our family ties strengthen and bind us.  Just like in To Get To You there is something about a road-trip that can really create the atmosphere for family to bond.

Read my review for To Get To You here and then go read it for yourself!

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  1. Oh Beth Anne this has filled my heart! It's such a joy hearing about your trip (and the baby being a surprise - how fun is that!?). I'm so glad the themes in To Get to You spoke to you like that. It means a lot to hear. Thanks for reading this one and for spending some time with those characters. I'm so glad it was a meaningful one for you!