Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Mom's Prayers for Her Son by Rob & Joanna Teigen

From the publisher:
When a mother looks into the eyes of her son for the first time, her heart is filled with love--and questions. How do I raise a boy? What struggles will he go through? What kind of a man will he grow up to be? She wants to pray for her son, but may not know just what to pray for.

This is a beautiful book that can be used again and again.  A mother will never cease to pray for her son, so whether you buy this for a new mother, or a mother of a teen this is a great book.  Prayer is something the is hard to understand at times but the power of it is undeniable.

Rob & Joanna Tiegen do an amazing job of laying out this book.  The reader doesn't have to read straight through it, instead they can look at the table of contents and see which area they are feeling the need to pray for and go to that section. Each section has Bible verse that you can claim and pray over on your own as well as a written out pray to pray.  Sometimes you might feel it is hard to know how to pray for your son in certain areas and these written out prayers make it simple.

Interspersed are stories of other mothers that will resonate with the reader.  This is a book to buy and keep.

I received this book from Revell Reads in exchange for my honest review.

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