Monday, December 23, 2013

Sex and the Single Christian Girl by Marian Jordan Ellis

From the publisher:
"True love waits"--but what exactly are you waiting for? After all, we're constantly bombarded with Hollywood's idea of romance--that sex is no big deal, that everyone is doing it, that it's the only path to a happy ending. Maybe you've even begun to wonder, What am I missing? Is the wait really worth it? Marian Jordan Ellis has been there. She knows the pitfalls of giving in to temptation--but also the blessings of God's best found in waiting after she committed herself to Christ and to sexual purity. Now, from one Christian woman to another, she hopes to spare you from the heartache of sexual sin and instead point you toward God's best. Marian offers lots of practical advice, backed by biblical truth, to equip you with the tools to overcome past mistakes and future temptations.


I asked to review this book because while I am married, these type of books were very influential for me in my teen and young adult years and I wanted to see what was out on the market now to help Christian girls think through the decisions they make.

I particularly liked that she had small group questions for each chapter at the end of the book because this could be a good book for a small group to go through to help create accountability partners and a safe place to be supported and supportive.

Marian Jordan Ellis shares her own stories with the reader and I think this goes a long way to show that she has personal experience and struggles in these areas and has found a way to overcome in Jesus.  Marian shares how this is not just a physical battle but a spiritual battle and yet she also gives some practical advice.  Her book is not solely theoretical but she tries to be practical in her advice.

My main problem with the book was that at the beginning of each chapter she has a quote from a "rom-com" movie.  This bothered me because if she is trying to direct our thoughts away from all the "rom-com" industry, then this is definitely unhelpful.  She could have found just as powerful of quotes in other awesome spiritual books that make a similar point.  Having the quotes at the beginning of each chapter turns the reader, even if for just a brief bit, toward the "rom-com" world that Marian Jordan Ellis is trying to point away from.

I received this book free from Bethany Publishing House in exchange for my honest review.

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