Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shadows & Scars Release Party


Product Description

“We wander through life, searching for belonging and validation. Here in this valley, we are pursued by the shadows of our regrets and haunted by the scars of our past. We are lost, but in seeking, we will find, and in finding, we will be found.”
Shadows & Scars is a messy book. Through poetry, T. Jason Vanderlaan tells a story, but not one that begins in the beginning, or ends at the end. This is about being in the middle, about wandering.  This is about loose ends and unresolved issues and the tension of living in the in-between. All the while, dreams of peace and rest float just out of reach – elusive invitations, like fireflies dancing in the summer night.
Within the framework of searching for belonging and validation, Vanderlaan explores a variety of topics – growing up in a divorced family, falling in love, giving and receiving broken hearts, losing the way and finding regret, the ache of letting go, wrestling with forgiveness and hope and trust. When the dust settles, these frayed ends of family, romance, and spirituality tangle together. The result is in an incomplete yet beautiful display, a portrait of the fearful desire to know and be known, to love and be loved, to seek and find and be found.
Pre-order by July 3 and receive an exclusive e-booklet featuring bonus poems selected from the outtakes of Shadows & Scars.


Shadows & Scars: Release Party!

We are super excited to be releasing Shadows & Scars on July 9, 2013! So excited, in fact, that we’re having arelease party online from 7:30 – 8:00 pm ET.
Join us and:
  • hear behind the scenes info from Jason Vanderlaan about Shadows & Scars
  • participate in a Q&A session about Shadows & Scars or any of his previous books
  • have a chance to win some snazzy prizes!
Here are the prizes we’ll be giving away:

Prize #1: Soundtrack Starter Pack

Two mp3s: Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, op. 11 and James Taylor’s Fire and Rain.
barber James_Taylor_-_Sweet_Baby_James

Prize #2: Chrysalis

A copy of Rising from Perdition by John Evans

Prize #3: Temporary Remedies

A mini first aid kit and flashlight. :-)

Prize #4: The Wanderer

A 7×5 print of “The Ward of the Sky” by Sarah Mills of Clouded Art.

Prize #5: Couting with Abraham and Moses

A bottle of sand.

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