Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green

The Mark of the King by [Green, Jocelyn]

From the publisher:
After being imprisoned and branded for the death of her client, twenty-five-year-old midwife Julianne Chevalier trades her life sentence for exile to the fledgling 1720s French colony of Louisiana, where she hopes to be reunited with her brother, serving there as a soldier. To make the journey, though, women must be married, and Julianne is forced to wed a fellow convict.

When they arrive in New Orleans, there is no news of Benjamin, Julianne's brother, and searching for answers proves dangerous. What is behind the mystery, and does military officer Marc-Paul Girard know more than he is letting on?

With her dreams of a new life shattered, Julianne must find her way in this dangerous, rugged land, despite never being able to escape the king's mark on her shoulder that brands her a criminal beyond redemption.

I was totally fascinated and gripped by the premise of this book.  The beginning and history that Green begins this story with really amazed me and made me want to know more.  Julianne's character and life are compelling to read.  I found her a very interesting and fascinating character.

I felt that because of the time that was trying to be covered that there were time gaps or loss of momentum at certain times.  

Overall it is a very interesting story that will have you looking at New Orleans and the New World.

I received this book from the publisher.  All opinion expressed are my own.

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