Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell

From the publisher:
Trying to escape the shambles her con-man father has made of their reputation, Lucinda Curtis arrives in West Point, New York, determined to land a husband from the military academy. Campbell Conklin is first in his class and preparing to embark upon a storied career in the U.S. Army. Lucinda thinks Campbell will make the perfect husband . . . as long as he does not find out about her father.

Seth Westcott also has taken a liking to Lucinda. He's kind, smart . . . and working extremely hard to graduate last. Tradition states that the worst cadets are assigned to the cavalry out west. And west is where Seth must head to track the swindler who stole all of Seth's mother's money. Seth is smart enough to vie for the top spot, but life isn't fair and this is his chance to catch the man who ruined his family. It's too bad Campbell is all shine and no substance, but Lucinda will surely see through all of that, won't she?

This is a simple novel that goes back and forth between Seth and Lucinda's view points.  As a reader you are able to see what they are thinking and going through.  I was interesting to learn more about the military academy and the history of the place.  It was also fun to read about how the author took real places like the Flirtation Walk and put it in her story. 

The story I felt was a bit slow and didn't pick up until more than half-way through.  And I had a hard time really feeling that Seth and Lucinda were in love.  I liked Seth's friends more than Seth as a character and found some of the situations upsetting because of the redundancy and simpleton ways of the characters.  

That being said, it isn't a bad book and is a clean Christian romance novel that I think many will enjoy.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest 

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