Monday, June 1, 2015

The Gifting by K.E. Ganshert

Tess Eckhart has always felt things nobody else can feel. Then the Ouija board incident happens at a high school party. Her complete freak out sends her family across the country--next to a nationally-renowned facility for the mentally ill. Worried Tess suffers from the same illness that tormented her grandmother, her parents insist she see a psychiatrist.

Tess is more concerned about fitting in at her new school, and hiding the fact that she's seeing a therapist at the Edward Brooks Facility. She's used to whispers and stares, but when it comes to Luka Williams, a reluctantly popular boy in her class, she's unused to a stare that intense. Then the headaches start, and the seemingly prophetic dreams that haunt her at night. As Tess tries to hide them, she becomes increasingly convinced that Luka knows something--that he might somehow be responsible.

But what if she's wrong? What if Luka Williams is the only thing separating her from a madness too terrifying to fathom?


I'll be honest, as a Christian reader I felt uncomfortable with the Ouija board scene and the man that Tess sees in the beginning of the story. But I think that was the point.  I just wasn't far enough in.  So I stopped to see if I really wanted to continue reading this book.  But I have a lot of faith in this author (her other books are a completely different genre) and so I decided to press on.  And I am glad I did.  If you pick up this book, and are uncertain, keep reading, I was pleasantly surprised at the twists and spiritual aspects of the book that I wasn't expecting.  It shows you that just because you think you know where a book is going, you don't always know.  The discomfort I felt, I was supposed to feel as a reader.

The Gifting is a face paced, edge of your seat, kind of story.  I was reading as fast as I could to see what would happen next, and there was no way you could guess what twist would happen next.  I cannot wait to read the other two books in this series.  This could easily become the next biggest thing in YA lit.  The story line is a dystopian, romance, that includes the supernatural.  

The romance is clean but Luka and Tess will draw you in as K. E. Ganshert writes their stories in such a unique and powerful way that you feel that you could be Tess or Luka experiencing those things.  The romance written is a strong force that goes beyond a typical high school romance.  It shows what real love can be.

The dystopian aspect will cause you to stop and think.  Analyzing our society and how it is similar and yet different to the setting of Tess and Luka.  In ways that the Hunger Games or Divergent made you consider society's "norms" and question them, so will The Gifting.  

The supernatural or paranormal aspect will give you chills.  The further I got into the book and the more I read the more certain I was about the underlining truth that Ganshert was telling.  I am eager to read the rest of the series to find out.  

Fan of Frank Peretti,and Ted Dekker will definitely want to check these books out.

I received this ebook in exchange for my honest review.

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