Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Heart's Disguise by Colleen Coble

From the publisher: While the tiny town of Wabash, Indiana, celebrates the end of the fighting,            Sarah Montgomery attends the parties, but inside she’s fighting a deep sadness. The love of Sara’s life, Rand Campbell, didn’t come back from the front.
So her brother and ailing father persuade her to pledge herself to another man—despite her misgivings. When Sarah finds out that Rand is in fact alive—and that her fiancé Ben Croftner knew it—she indignantly breaks off their engagement.
Croftner doesn’t take rejection lightly—and a single woman with a sick father makes an easy target. He abducts Sarah, his intentions anything but honorable. Then Rand comes to her aid . . . only to reveal that he has been posted at Fort Laramie, Wyoming, and asks her to go with him as his wife.
Will Sarah leave her dying father’s side for the only man she’s ever loved? And what plans are forming in the jealous heart of Ben Croftner?

This is a novella-type book that is one of six.  The book is a quick read and I found myself wishing that all six were together so I wouldn't have to wait on what happens next! 

Colleen Coble shares these books as some of the first series she'd ever written.  While you can tell that these are not the same richness as her full length novels, you can appreciate her writing and plot line.  Just from the back of the book a reader will be drawn into the story.  

In certain ways these novellas would be perfect (at least from this book) for a pre-teen/teen reader who wants an exciting but clean love story.  I would recommend this to that age of reader, though all could enjoy it.

I am looking forward to finishing out the series and finding out what happens between Sarah, Rand, and Ben!

I received this book free from BookLook Bloogers in exchange for my honest review.

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