Monday, January 12, 2015

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty

From the publisher:
In the age of fingertip access to answers and a limitless supply of ambitions, where do we find the God who was birthed in dirt and straw? Sara Hagerty found him when life stopped working for her. She found him when she was a young adult mired in spiritual busyness and when she was a new bride with doubts about whether her fledgling marriage would survive. She found him alone in the night as she cradled her longing for babies who did not come. She found him as she kissed the faces of children on another continent who had lived years without a mommy’s touch.
In Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet, Hagerty masterfully draws from the narrative of her life to craft a mosaic of a God who leans into broken stories. Here readers see a God who is present in every changing circumstance. Most significantly, they see a God who is present in every unchanging circumstance as well.
I was staggered by this book.  I had seen this book and passed it by for other books.  But when I saw it on a top ten list by Rachel McRae I felt I should give it a try.  It was in the first chapter that I began to feel God speaking to me.  As if He had waited for the right time to read this book and then placed it in my hands.  
Sara Hagerty's writing style is beautiful.  I was drawn into her writing the way I was drawn into Ann Voskamp's writing. Lyrical and raw.  When I was asked to tell what this book was about I said it was about adoring God when it seems He has forgotten you and how the pain we have in life turns to hunger for Him.  
In this book Sara gives such an amazing way for you to speak to God in faith, even when you don't feel like it.  To adore Him, when you feel He is silent.  Speaking God's word, words that He has inspired of Him, back to Him is adoring Him.  I tried this as I was reading the book.  I haven't been feeling that God is faithful and so I began saying a verse in the Bible that states that He is faithful.  Sara was right.  I didn't have to feel those emotions, but instead just had to speak God's word back to Him for it to make a difference.  A huge difference.  I cannot begin to explain what just this part of the book will do for my life.  And what it could do for yours.  This is just one example of the power of Sara's gift in sharing her story and walk with God.  
She shares that every bitter thing can be sweet because it creates a hunger for Him.  A hunger that only He can fill.  It does not mean that those bad things are good, but that we can see them in a new way.  A way that shows us that God is us all the time.
This is a book I highly, highly recommend to others.
I received this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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