Monday, June 23, 2014

NIV Fast Facts Bible

From the Publisher:
A Bible that points out interesting facts and challenges the reader to dig deeper into God’s Word.
The NIV Fast Facts Bible is designed to creatively engage Bible readers who have a passion for finding out interesting facts about the Bible. It features unique Bible book introductions that point to fascinating details that can be found in each of the Bible's 66 books. At the end of each book is a full page of intriguing questions that will drive readers back into the text to discover the answers for themselves. Includes the complete text of the NIV, the world's bestselling modern English translation.
I was very pleased when I got this Bible to review.  This Bible has multiple features that were interesting and enjoyable.  One thing that I particularly enjoyed was that the main text of the Bible books were left alone.  I like to read the Bible and have my own thoughts as I read through the Scriptures and this Fast Facts Bible left each book alone and did not add facts here or there through out the books, therefore distracting the reader.  Instead each book of the Bible had and introduction section and a "quiz" section at the end.  This did not detract at all from personal study of the Bible.
Something else that I thought was well done was that this is the facts Bible, not personal conjecture and hypothesis.  That means that most denominations could read through this Bible and enjoy the facts without feeling bothered by some church or religion.
Already my family has used this Bible to prompt discussion and study of the books of the Bible.  It is a fun and engaging way to see what you know about the Bible in bit sized amounts- before and after each book.
I recommend this version of the NIV Bible to others, I think teachers in particular would find this helpful when engaging and working with students.
I received this book free from BookLookBloogers in exchange for my honest review.

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