Monday, March 25, 2013

The Moment Between by Nicole Baart

From the publisher: "Abigail Bennett was completely in control of her life until tragedy pushed her to the brink of something she’s never experienced: Obsession. Now she’s given up everything she’s ever worked for to chase down the object of that obsession. His name is Tyler Kamp. As Abigail follows him across the border into Canada, her journey is awash in memories of family and childhood, especially those of her younger sister Hailey. Even as Abigail races into her future, her past pulls her back. Only when she is brought to the edge of her obsession will she be able to come to terms with the tragedy that ignited it."

The story had three story lines running through it.  One was told in first person by Abigail after dealing with a tragedy.  The other two are told in third person.  The other goes back to the past and explains the family dynamics and especially the relationship between Abigail and her sister Hailey.  The third is present tense and what Abigail does as she follows Tyler to Canada.

Baart did a good job of making the reader feel the emotions of the story.  The story has a sad undercurrent and you definitely feel that as a reader.  You are drawn into Abigail's world and the world of the Canadian winery.  

The conclusion of the book was very beautiful.  Suicide is not an easy topic but Nicole Baart handled it with such grace and beauty.  One story is not going to encompass all suicide situations but I felt that as an author Baart gave the reader hope for painful situations that do not have an easy answer.  

I am thankful for this book and Nicole Baart's work and hope others will find comfort in it as well.  

I received this book free from Tyndale in exchange for my review.  

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