Monday, September 19, 2011

Women of Faith Event Part 2

My aunt and cousin weren't able to go on that date because of a school concert.

But my mom and grandma were able to go. She called me afterwards and was raving about how wonderful it was. Here is what my mom wrote about the event:

Women of Faith: Sept 10, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA

To worship with 10,000 other women was a fantastic experience! This was my first time at a Women of Faith event. My daughter won the tickets through Booksneeze. My mother and I attended.

It was a tremendous blessing to hear Lisa Harper, Angie Smith, Sheila Walsh speak'

Lisa's message focused on the scripture story of the widow of Nain. She was so consumed with her own grief that she didn't even see Jesus. But He saw her. He moved into her life with mercy and compassion and gave her the miracle she had stopped praying for. He brought her son back to life. Lisa emphasized that whether you made a mistake or something was done to harm you God could still give you a miracle to recreate your life.

Angie went through a personal tragedy that left her feeling beneath the waves like Peter. As a brand new Christian she was walking on the water, her eyes unwaveringly fixed on Jesus. But when her infant daughter died only 2 ½ hours after she was born Angie sunk to the bottom of the ocean. She was a fairly new Christian when this happened and all she knew to do was say: Jesus save me. She said she had only told this story publically 5 times and she was telling it to us to let us know that Jesus wrapped her up in His arms and held on to her during that unbearable grief and He did save her.

Sheila spoke of a time when her depression overwhelmed her and she ended up in the place she feared most – a mental hospital. Her first night there she sat in a corner shaking and crying. Someone came into the room and gave her a little stuffed animal lamb and said: “Don't worry Sheila, the Shepherd knows where to find you.” She said there is the verse that says, “In this word you will have many troubles, but fear not I have overcome the world.” She said even if the trouble is INSIDE you, Jesus knows how to heal you. He will walk with you to the very gates of hell, you will never be alone and no place is too dark for him to find you. He knows where you are and He will carry you home.

Other highlights of the weekend included music by Mary Mary and Natalie Grant! And also dramatizations by Nicole Johnson that had me laughing and crying and praising God all at the same time. Luci Swindoll gave a wonderful testimony about the joys of sponsoring a child through World Vision. She sponsors 14 children at this time. Hearing 10,000 women's voices raised in praise to God as we sang together was another awesome experience.

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